Bringing African voices,

values and experiences to

global debates on AI.

Bringing African

voices, values and

experiences to

global debates

on AI.

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South Africa


May 21, 2019

Government Artificial Intelligence Readiness Index 2019

Hannah Miller


Richard Stirling





January 21, 2022

NaijaSenti: A Nigerian Twitter Sentiment Corpus for Multilingual Sentiment Analysis

Shamsuddeen Hassan Muhammad


David Ifeoluwa Adelani


Sebastian Ruder


Ibrahim Said Ahmad


et al.


March 31, 2021

Locally-run Interpretable Breast Cancer diagnosis from Histology Images

Jeremiah O. Fadugba


Oluwatoyin Y. Sanni


Moshood O. Yekinni



The African Network on Responsible AI 

The creation and facilitation of an African network of AI actors forms part of the African Observatory’s overall vision. We aim to establish a sustainable and expanding network of researchers, research institutions, thought leaders, AI practitioners and policy-makers with a centralised platform through which stakeholders can regularly demonstrate, debate and share their skills and capacity in research and policy on AI in Africa. The network is a communications hub for relevant publications, presentations, workshops and seminars that engage with the various research interests and thematics of the African Observatory, broadly construed, and enable a longer-term and sustainable ecosystem for multi-stakeholder engagement around AI on the Continent.