Global Index on Responsible AI

A rights-based Global Index on Responsible AI supports decision-making on the intersecting issues affecting AI adoption

The Global Index on Responsible AI is a multi-year project that aims to advance the global movement and expand the global agenda on responsible AI. The flagship output will be a global index measuring the state of responsible AI commitments and practices in more than 120 countries. The Global Index is intended to be a key resource for decision-makers and other stakeholders around the world. Its global reach aims to amplify and reflect the full breadth of experiences and expertise from different regions, and especially those in the Global South. 

The underlying premise of the Global Index is that while AI offers many potential benefits for human development, these are not equally distributed across populations, specifically in the Global South. As such, the potential benefits of AI cannot be justly realised without the existence of other social, political, technical and infrastructural conditions, as well as key legal safeguards and policy frameworks.