Reflections of a Meta Awardee on The AfricAI Conference in Kigali, Rwanda

This blog contains a reflection of the AfricAI Conference, where one of the recipients of the Meta Bursary describes her experience.

Reflections of a Meta Awardee on The AfricAI Conference in Kigali, Rwanda

The AfricAI 2023 Conference in Kigali, Rwanda, examined a range of topics flowing from the theme of “AdvancingResponsible and Open AI Ecosystems in Africa''. In this blog, I share my experience and valuable lessons that I learned during the conference.

A convergence of brilliant minds

From the moment I stepped into the conference venue, I found myself surrounded by brilliant minds, all driven by a common passion for AI and its responsible applications.The event brought together industry experts, academics, entrepreneurs, and fellow Meta awardees from different backgrounds and experiences. It was an awe-inspiring convergence of knowledge, creativity, and innovation.


One of the highlights of the conference were the presentations of our research papers asMeta Bursary Awardees. I presented my research titled AIoT in Africa:Opportunities and Challenges for Ethics and Society which received great reviews. In other conference sessions discussing Developing Ethical AI policies in context: Co-designing an AI Policy Playbook and Governance in the AI Era: A Focus on Problem Identification to Enable Digital Transformation, I had the opportunity to interact with various stakeholders at the forefront of AI development in Africa. The knowledge and insights shared were invaluable, and I found myself engaging in thought-provoking conversations that expanded my understanding of AI’s potential and its implications in Africa. 

Lessons Learned

●     AI has the potential to be a powerful tool for development in Africa, aligning with the United NationsSustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

●     We need to work together as Africans to overcome the challenges that we face, such as lack of data, infrastructure, and resources.

●     We must ensure that AI is used responsibly and ethically.

●     A successful AI ecosystem inAfrica will require concerted effort from a variety of stakeholders, including governments, businesses, academia, and civil society.


My experience as aMeta awardee at the AfricAI Conference for Advancing Responsible and Open AIEcosystems in Africa was transformative. It convinced me that together we can build a future where AI fosters positive impact, transcends borders, and empowers communities across the African continent and beyond.